Warehouse Security Services

Citywide Security, part of Citywide Facilities Management Services, offers specialist Warehouse Security services to the distribution and logistics sector.

What is Warehouse security services?

This refers to the type of security Services that is tasked with putting in place, measures to ensure the safety and security of a warehouse and its contents. These services can be provided by a private security company such as ours. Warehouse security services are an important aspect of warehouse management, as they help ensure the safety and security of the warehouse and its contents, and help prevent incidents or emergencies from occurring.

We provide professional, quality and cost-effective Warehouse Security Services in Ohio, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta Indianapolis, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

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Warehouse Security Service

As one of the leading specialised security services in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indianapolis and Pennsylvania, we have a well-established reputation for supplying highly trained, fully screened and vetted security personnels.

We are able to offer the following services as part of the our Warehouse and Distribution/Fulfilment Center Security Services:

  • Access Control
  • Static Security Officers
  • Mobile Security Patrol
  • Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Alarm Verification & Response
  • Security Recommendations & Consulting
  • Emergency Security Service

Warehouse & Distribution/Fulfilment Center Security Services

The quality of your logistics and warehouse security program has a direct impact your profitability as a business. Your warehouse needs to be adequately secured to avoid theft by a well experienced Security Company. Owing to the way most Warehouses and Distribution Centers are laid out and the enormous volume of inbound and outbound traffic, the frequency of activities inside and outside the facility, and the steady flow of people, machines and product, having right security provider is an important way of eliminating risk.

Citywide Security has years of experience of providing Warehouse & Logistics Security Services. We are passionate and committed to our directive – to keep your property and people safe. Choose us as your preferred security partner and enjoy absolute protection. Get affordable warehouse guarding services from a security company with many years of industry experience.

If you are serious about securing your warehouse centres, we are able to tailor our services to suit you. We make use of technologically advanced systems that include cameras and motion detectors, which are linked to a state-of-the art 24-hour control and dispatch room.

We offer professional security services that are here to serve and protect warehouse and distribution centres as well as your people!

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