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At Citywide Facilities Management Services t/a Security Services Solutions, we offer competent private security services to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area. Security Services Solutions provides more than just security services, we deliver peace of mind and confidence across the residential, commercial, and public sectors in Dallas

We’re committed to delivering the best customer service through the highest quality staff – all our team are experienced and have been properly trained. We have control centers across the US enabling us to meet all of your security requirements. 

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Whether you need to employ a guard permanently or just for the day. Our Security Guards are available for hire for special events in Dallas, including weddings and graduations. We are able to provide emergency security needs that can be hired for intermittent or permanent service.



The uniform worn by uniformed officers resembles that of a police officer, making it simple for people to recognize them and letting them know that the area is under surveillance. Whether they are assigned to your site or are on a patrol route, all of our officers are uniformed by default.



In order to better fit in with your other clients, employees, tenants, or visitors, our police can be deployed secretly. This service works best when a clear objective is in mind, such as keeping an eye on what occurs when there is no security or administrative staff present to keep an eye on the visitors to your property while you are away. This can be helpful for money escorts, bodyguard scenarios, etc.


Our clients demand value for money and a team they can depend upon – both of which we provide through our “30 years” of experience delivering Security Services across Texas and the entire US

As the most trusted Security Company in Dallas, we earned our reputation by offering security solutions to the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2006. Our clients cherish the highly personalized service and experience from one of the only locally owned and managed security companies in Dallas. Superior security comes primarily from highly qualified and trained security guards. Our expert staff takes their jobs very seriously.

  • A unique operating model ensuring true local service provision.
  • A proactive approach to account management.
  • Bespoke operating platform.
  • National Contracts
  • Multiple Premises Management
  • Bespoke Security Planning and Response
  • Personal Account Manager