Security Company Columbus Ohio

Security Services Solutions is one of the best Security Companies in Columbus Ohio. We are committed to providing premium security services in Columbus, Ohio. Our team of expert security professionals is dedicated to safeguarding our Client’s interests and ensuring their peace of mind.

We offer a comprehensive range of security services, including uniformed and unarmed security services, event security, executive protection, and security consultancy. Our team of security professionals is well-trained, experienced, and dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients. If you’re looking for top-notch security services in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Security Services Solutions

Security Services Solutions’ Guards are available 24/hrs a day, every day of the year. Our dedicated team of Security Professionals will patrol your business location throughout the day or night to make sure your staff and property are well secured.

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Type of Security Services Offered by Us in Columbus, Ohio:

Why We are One of the Best Security Companies in Columbus

Visible Security Presence

 All of our Security Personnel are supplied with high-quality uniforms which may differ depending on the specific requirement, duties, and expectations of the Client. By utilizing Security Services Solutions standard uniform, our clients enjoy a superior security presence which is a deterrent to anyone planning to commit a crime. Our Security officers can also come in professional-looking plainclothes. This type of dress code can also be effective as it allows Security Officers to sniff out security threats without drawing attention to the Personnel.

Our security officers are trained to provide advanced customer service. Prior to them being deployed to your site, our Officers have been trained and well-briefed about the operation of proposed the site. Security Services Solutions uniformed and plain-clothed security Personnel are available to undertake: Shopping Centers, Building Security, Venue/Exhibitions, Construction Sites, Churches, Crowd Management, Conventions, etc

Handling Situations Effectively

While our Security Personnel are trained to safeguard the Asset and Staff of the businesses they have been assigned to, they are also, adequately and appropriately trained in de-escalation techniques, customer service, and communication to maintain the utmost level of professionalism at all times. In case of any emergency, our Security Officers in Columbus, Ohio are well-equipped to deal with any situation, effectively. This is just another feature that sets us apart from the competition.

Security Analysis and Reports

Our security personnel will be provided with specialized tools, ID cards, and all other necessary supplies.

Before the guards are sent out, the clients will be consulted, and the appropriate reports and analyses will be made in response. For buildings, corporate centers, exhibits, events, parking lots, crowd control, personal protection, body guards, and much more, Security Services Solutions offers security guards. Simply let us know what you require, and we will deliver services at your door.

Certified Security Personnel

We offer completely certified, highly trained security personnel who adhere to industry standards. Each officer is specifically chosen and given the necessary education and training to meet the demands of each site and customer. Each Guard is well-mannered, has received public relations training, and possesses strong communication abilities. Every officer has received complete certification as a first aid attendant. Prior to employment, all employees of Security Services Solutions complete additional internal training programs in addition to the government-accredited security courses.