Mailroom and Porterage Service


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Mailroom and Porterage Service

Many organizations rely on mailroom and porterage services since they often connect a variety of different facilities. Dedicated porterage services and an efficient mailroom make the logistics of running a business substantially easier.

Citywide can provide a professional mail and porter service that is specifically customized to your company’s needs and will significantly improve the efficiency of your operations.

Some of the benefits you get for using our services are:

  • Our porterage services connect and help in the coordination of a variety of other facility management duties.
  • Our mailrooms are efficiently handled and adapted to your company’s needs.
  • Citywide will manage your organization’s peripheral responsibilities, so you can focus on your core business.
  • Postal workers and porters are taught how to deal with members of the public to maintain a positive brand image


Mailroom Service

Citywide has a lot of experience in post and mailroom management. A dedicated mailroom is essential to the smooth operation of many organizations.

Office buildings receive a large volume of mail each day that must be delivered to the appropriate recipients. Citywide can provide a specialized on-site postal service to ensure that each letter, package, or correspondence is delivered to the correct recipient on time and in good condition.

Our mailroom services are meant to provide our clients the peace of mind. They can rest assured that their mail is handled properly and securely in a timely manner. Our dedicated employees are capable of managing all forms of incoming and outgoing mail, as well as any porterage-related tasks.

Our qualified workers can perform security checks on any suspicious parcels and respond appropriately in the case of a direct threat because they are fully trained in the use of sorting and handling.

Porterage Services

We recognize that porterage is a public duty. Our porters are extensively trained in all elements of customer service. Our teams work closely with many different roles as part of one family. Porterage is an important aspect of a holistic facilities-management solution.

The support staff is just as crucial as core employees to your smooth business operation and brand image. Porters are always contacted first for any kind of assistance.

Customers, residents, patients, or anyone else who comes into contact with your organization will find our experienced porters to be approachable and helpful.

They are contacted frequently for various services that include coordinating with security, cleaning, and maintenance. Our team of porters ensures the smooth functioning of your facility. They deal with any task given to them practically and fulfill it as soon as possible.

Citywide’s porterage service is meant to meet their promise in assisting your facility operations run smoothly, whether it is recommending the right staff person to perform a service or by addressing the issue directly.

You can count on us to provide excellent mail and porterage services that will help your operations function more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how our mailroom and porterage services can be included in a facility management package