Customer Service Responsibilities of a Security Officer

Have you ever been to a banking hall and seen a Security Officer helping people around? And you thought to yourself, wow, this officer is so kind. They are going out of their way to help people around them. Well, don’t be surprised! That was well within their scope of work.

Gone are the days when Security Guards would stick to standing guard (literally) and keeping vigil. Nowadays, they get trained to multi-task, help customers obtain copies of documents, direct customers to the appropriate offices, ensure orderliness in the queues, if any, and still do their primary job – maintain security!

It sounds like quite a handful, but it is manageable.

When a Security Company dispatches a batch of security officers to your firm, they have different designations. While most security agents get assigned manning entrances and exits, security checks, and monitoring the live security feed, some get assigned in-house duties. These range from maintaining order inside the halls, giving assistance where needed, running minor errands like turning the AC on and off, and handling customers.

But still, the main question lingers. What are the main customer responsibilities of a security officer in Security Companies in Ohio, Indianapolis, and Kentucky? What skills do security companies bequeath on their officers, who are designated to handle customers?

Here are three main customer responsibilities of a security officer;


  1. Consultation and Guidance

Have you ever stormed into a lobby or a hall and could not see the receptionists? You can not barge into offices without appointments, and this is where security officers come in handy. They are the persons you can consult on where to proceed first, how you can get help fast, and how long you will have to wait till front desk managers show up.

If you are late and it is past closing hours, security officers might become your receptionists for the day. They may allow you in, depending on the urgency of your need and how nicely you ask. This is only applicable in firms with flexible rules on closing times. If you try this on financial institutions and high-risk establishments, the security services providers may not allow you in past closing time. At this juncture, they give you guidance on when to come again, probably excluding weekends and public holidays.


  • Directions

Some firms and companies have a knack for having many offices representing different departments. As a first-time visitor, you may be at a loss. You may have received vague directions, which sound like an algebraic equation. Something to the tune of “ come to 23rd floor, right-wing, hall 6, stall 5b”. That may be intimidating at first, but security officers give these directions with ease. The best part is they somehow simplify them for customers, and may mutter something helpful like “Ah, simple one! Once you get to 23rd floor, you will find Charlotte near the lift lobby. She is in charge of that floor. Just tell her Bob sent you”. You will be surprised at how pleasantly you will be whisked to stall 5b, all courtesy of security officers who understand their customer responsibilities.

This may not be exactly how it plays out every time, but should you be wondering which direction to take, the security guys will undoubtedly give you the right directions inside the firm. Security companies in Ohio, Indianapolis, and Kentucky ensure that their workforce gets optimally trained to help customers locate offices and other amenities in the shortest time.

You can ask for any directions you please, from the boardroom to the washrooms and the security guys know all the places.


  • Running minor errands

In a firm that is inclined towards self-service, customers may sometimes have to make their own copies of a document at the photocopier’s room or do a few things on their own. If you have not operated a photocopier before, in-house security officers can help with this and other minor errands. They also help turn on the fans and the AC if need be. Generally, they keep the area habitable while still looking out for other issues that may arise.

Office brawls are not unheard of, and when these show up, the security officers diffuse the situation. They may not be common, but the versatile security officers see them coming and handle them before they spill over to the customers.


Parting Shot

Security officers may have their plate almost full due to the numerous security-related responsibilities heaped on them. However, whether they work at the gate or inside the office, they have responsibilities to the company’s customers to keep them safe, help them obtain services faster, and keep the office and hallways in habitable conditions. Simple direction guidance can help a customer save a few valuable minutes and endear them to the corporation. If you are looking for a Security Company whose Security Guards would go far and beyond the traditional duties of Security Guards, then look no further than Security Services Columbus, Ohio.

Charles Alabi