Customer Services and Helpdesk

Here at Citywide Facilities Management Services, we regularly supply Customer Service or Help desk Assistants to a wide variety of sectors and industries. Our well trained and experienced Customer Service/Help desk Assistants can work as part of your front desk or customer service team. We will provide adequate cover or completely take charge of customer facing and phone answering functions depending on what works for you. We can work remotely or in-house.

Our staff are customer-centric, well-trained and professional. We understand the importance of a good customer service to the growth of our Client’s Organizations.

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Customer Services and Helpdesk

The facility management service desk is the major point of contact for building users who have concerns about their working environment. We make sure to handle links carefully in a controlled and documented manner.

At Citywide, we use tried and tested management services principles backed up by process-driven tools.

The Citywide customer services and helpdesk station can manage your whole facility operations, including logging calls from building occupants or clients. We help in boosting your company image by creating and issuing work orders.

Our helpdesk centralizes all service request details in a centralized helpdesk solution that results in addressing support requests easier for your team.

Customer Service

Should you wish to outsource your customer service operations to us, our Customer Service/Help Desk team provides a complete business process solution. They have been trained to deal with customer incidents and service requests more efficiently, comprehensively, and uniformly. Our clients can request reports by phone, email, or through the website’s self-service logging tool.

We totally understand that Clients expect a fast response to their enquiries, our 24/7 helpdesk response solution will make sure request/concerns are resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Every year, the Citywide Facilities Management Helpdesk helps customers receives tens of thousands of calls. Our team will help respond and resolve client issues while ensuring that all stakeholders are kept informed. We constantly receive hundreds of calls, emails, and alerts to hire our outstanding customer services team.


Helpdesk Services

Helpdesk support provides end users/customers with information and support relating to company information and information about the Organization’s products and services. This facilities management service is crucial for organizations to run smoothly and effectively.

Our helpdesk coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to relieve the pressure on your company. Once an issue is reported to a Customer Service Service Coordinator, you can rest certain that they will make the appropriate arrangements to resolve the problem.

Our helpdesk officers are trained in delivering the following customer services:

  • Registering complaints and service requests
  • Assign, distribute and monitor requests
  • Prioritize emergencies
  • Quickly respond and resolve incidents reported
  • Record solutions and record in a data
  • Raise, track, and close all work orders
  • We have worked hard over the years to acquire an excellent reputation and a solid client base. Several high-profile and blue-chip companies rely on our customer services and help desk management. Feel free to contact us for more details.